Change is in the Air

insta collage 1insta collage 2

Good morning! How are you doing?  I just got home from a 4-day mini vacation at the ocean. I’ve had a lot of health issues, ER visits, and medical tests this Summer and I needed a time away all to myself to think, pray, journal, and rejuvenate. It still didn’t seem like I was away long enough but it was still a great getaway and I was able to resolve at least some things in my mind and heart. One thing I know for sure … change is in the air!

One big change I’d like to make is in the subjects I photograph.  I’ve had so much fun with the retro vintage images I’ve taken in the past but would really like to focus on nature photography now.  I’m starting with my Instagram photos and hopefully will move on from there.  🙂

There are other changes that I’m slowly making in my personal life, but I’ll write about those in another blog post.  Have a great new week and thanks for taking the time to stop by!



Taking a New Class

vintage ibm ad


Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. Do you ever go through times where it’s just a challenge to blog? Life gets busy, you don’t have the motivation, or you can’t think of anything interesting to share? Well, this might not knock your socks off, but I thought I’d tell you about a class I’m starting on Monday that I’m really excited about! It’s called “The Ins and Outs of Illustrator“. I’ve been wanting to learn how to draw/paint digitally for some time now and I heard that this is a great beginning class.

The old IBM ad above is the ad I chose for my first project. Our instructor will be teaching us how to create our own version of the ad using Adobe Illustrator. Should be fun!

Oh, and if you’re interested, there might even be a few spots left if you want to join me. 🙂