Tuesday with Nora

life is beautiful


Today was such a great day! I’ve been feeling so much better the last month and a half and was actually doing so well that I was able to meet with my sweet 80 year old friend, Nora, for coffee and a danish at the French Bakery around the corner from us. Now I call Nora “sweet” (and she is) but she’s actually one of the most down-to-earth say-it-like-it-is people you’ll meet. I think that’s one of the things I like the most about her. She’s genuine and honest and fun … oh, and sweet … very sweet. 🙂

Hope you’re having a good week so far. See you tomorrow unless I skip out and head to the beach. It’s supposed to be another GORGEOUS day. Yay!!!



A Difficult Day

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Today started off bad. I wasn’t expecting the phone call from my niece that my Mother-in-Law (and her precious Grandma) has taken a turn for the worse. I love my husband’s Mom, Ruth. She’s a sweet and simple farm wife from Iowa with soft-spoken ways, a gentle voice, and an enduring love for her family. Not to mention, when she felt better she used to make the best pumpkin bars on the planet (here’s THE RECIPE she followed)!

You never know what life holds … sometimes it’s unspeakable beauty and other times it’s immense heartache. Knowing and loving Ruth has brought the first into our lives and I’m dreading the pain we’ll feel at her loss. Thank you, Mom, for being YOU and for making a huge difference in my life. Love you always!! xoxo

~ Vicki