I Could Live Here ~ A Vibrant Home

house color swatchesPhoto found HERE

Good morning! This colorful home is catching my eye this morning and is working as a great wake-me-up! I used to do color consulting … I went into clients homes and helped them choose a color scheme for their walls. Talk about a fun job! I started it because I have a chronic illness (MS) and needed something I could do mostly from home with just a few hours on the job per week. Looking back, it seems like most of my clients were pretty conservative in their color preferences. Mostly they liked warmer reds, deeper blues, and neutrals such as beige and tan. I would have really enjoyed putting together a color scheme like this!

Besides the colors, I love the furniture styles, the colorful artwork, the eclectic decor pieces, and the beautiful wood slat floor. Our tiny condo is decorated in pretty subdued earthy colors (see our home photos on this Pinterest board). We’ve only lived here a little over a year, though, so I’m planning on adding more vibrant colors one of these days.

What about you? Could you live here?